Drum Screen type RS

Drum Screen/Trommelsieb RSDrum Screen/Trommelsieb RS

Lackeby Products manufactures, markets and sells Roto-Sieve® drum screens, which separate solid particles and fibres from liquids by screening. The drum screens are based on proven technology with a self-cleaning function that delivers very good results and minimises maintenance. With high operational reliability, a long service life and low energy consumption, Roto-Sieve® drum screens are a proven good investment.

Due to its internal feed and circular perforations, Roto-Sieve® offers the best separation that can be achieved mechanically. It has been shown in practice that a fibre or hair has a very small chance of orienting itself at a right angle and against the water current, so that it can pass through a round hole.


Technical features

  • Low energy consumption
  • High degree of seperation
  • High operational reliability
  • Good utility in many applications


Process benefits

  • Enhances processes, for instance in treatment works
  • Reduces need for cleaning
  • Makes servicing easier
  • Reduces running costs of subsequent stages


More information on www.lackeby.com

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