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Battery recycling


Environmental protection through Battery recycling

Battery recycling is the process of recovering valuable materials such as copper, nickel and lithium from used batteries. This process reduces the amount of waste and protects the environment.The recycled material can then be used to make new batteries or other products. Battery recycling is an important measure in the fight against climate change and is increasingly being promoted by governments and companies. In Germany in particular, the topic of battery recycling of electric vehicles is becoming more and more present.

Steps of battery recycling of electric vehicles
Battery recycling for electric vehicles goes through a multi-stage process. First, old batteries are shredded, which allows the first valuable materials such as aluminum and copper to be extracted. The remaining battery parts are then chemically dissolved to separate other valuable materials such as cobalt, nickel and lithium. Due to the demanding process of recovering recyclable materials, the equipment and valves used are subjected to the highest standards. The conditions are challenging and require quality valve technology. Our portfolio includes two knife gate valves, the SD6 (AT600) and the SD75 (AT750), which have already proven themselves to be ideal for battery recycling.


Use of knife gate valves in battery recycling plants

The process of battery recycling is complex and requires special industrial valves and components. This includes our DOMINO knife gate valves, which are used in an important step of the process - the shredders. In this step, the DOMINO knife gate valves are used, for example, upstream of the vacuum dryer, as the valves are almost vacuum-tight and their compact design significantly increases the service life compared to similar valves - SD75 (AT750). In addition, our knife gate valves are used as "impact protection" for larger battery modules from electric vehicles - SD6 (AT600).


SD75 (AT750) - DOMINO-High pressure gate valve PN100
Lug type knife gate valve for installation between flanges acc. to EN 1092-1/ PN 2.5-PN 100.
Body: Steel/Stainless Steel
Plate: Stainless steel
Sealings: NBR or EPDM, etc.
Sizes: DN 50 - DN 500

Advantages of the SD75 (AT750) in battery recycling:
- Use under vacuum conditions, the valve is vacuum proof for operating pressures lower than 1mbar.
- Full passage of the valve
- Cost savings due to increased service life


SD6 (AT600) - DOMINO-Rectangular gate valve
DOMINO square knife gate valve in special design and different sizes possible according to user requirements.
Body: steel/stainless steel
Plate: stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4571, 1.4462, etc.
Sealings: NBR (EDPM, FPM, MVQ, ceramic fiber, PTFE, etc.)
Sizes: Clearances on request

Advantages of the SD6 (AT600) in battery recycling:
- Is part of an airlock and serves as "impact protection" for downstream plant components
- Vacuum-proof feed gate valve
- Oversized, stable gate plate


Download our battery recycling flyer here

Lösungen für Batterierecyclinganlagen (GB) (2.35 MB)


If you are looking for an optimally matched fitting for your battery recycling plant, please feel free to contact our team of experts - our specialists will be happy to advise you!

Dirk Pollak

Dirk Pollak

Product Manager
Knife Gate Valves

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