Metal and graphite rupture discs - Customized pressure relief



GEFA bursting discs from Zook have been used in industry for decades to safeguard critical overpressures. Indicators of outstanding quality are low tolerances, high working ratios between maximum working pressure and minimum burst pressure, and low flow resistance factors. Highly corrosive applications are covered by a comprehensive range of graphite bursting discs. Customized selection and manufacture of rupture discs ensures the safety of your equipment.

Bursting discs are a technical and economical alternative to safety valves when:
a rapid, explosive pressure rise is to be expected; a high level of tightness is required, especially with media that are hazardous to health or cost-intensive; adhesive media or media that tend to build up product are used; special materials or large nominal sizes are required.

Advantages of rupture discs:
Maintenance-free; suitable for gases, liquids and multiphase flows; can be used economically with corrosive/toxic media.

Bursting discs