Burst Sensors



Each rupture disc in our program can be electronically monitored by a rupture signal transmitter. A burst signal transmitter is a simple and effective component to electronically indicate the bursting of a rupture disc. The signal transmitter is installed on the atmosphere side of the bursting disc.  After the rupture disc has responded, a conductor is opened by the opening process of the rupture disc. The open circuit can be read out via an isolation amplifier.

The rupture signal transmitter is considered a so-called simple electrical component for connection to an intrinsically safe closed circuit.

The selection of the sensor depends on the operating conditions on site. We will be pleased to advise you on the correct selection.


  • Nominal sizes from DN 25 (1“) to 600 (24“)
  • Delivery ready for installation
  • Excellent chemicals reistance
  • Short downtimes due to immediate alarms
  • Safe plant operation due to monitoring
  • Optional intergrated bursting signal transmitter - bursting disc and signal transmitter as a unit reduces storage cost and is insensitive to back pressures on the discharge side


Burst Sensors

Burst sensors