Two-way low pressure rupture disc for overpressure and vacuum relief - Type Z-VAC / Z-POS



The Z-VAC rupture disc was specially developed for applications requiring protection against both overpressure and vacuum. Z-VAC rupture discs relieve extremely low pressures in the vacuum direction (from 2.5mbar). The Z-POS rupture disc works on the same principle, but relieves only low pressures in the overpressure direction.

Both designs consist of a perforated metallic diaphragm, a fluoropolymer sealing film, and a fluoropolymer or stainless steel control clip.

The Z-VAC can be loaded up to 90% of the minimum set pressure in the vacuum direction and 80% of the nominal positive set pressure, the Z-POS up to 50% of the minimum burst pressure in the overpressure direction. Both versions are available in a

  • Nominal size from DN50 (2") to DN300 (12")
  • Bursting tolerance Z-VAC in overpressure direction +/-5% (below 2,7bar-ü +/- 0,14bar), in underpressure direction +/- 7,5mbar
  • Bursting tolerance Z-POS +/- 7,5mbar
  • Max. Temperature range up to 260°C
  • Optional integrated burst signal generator


Low pressure rupture disc