Automatic Backflush Filter type M1XX

Autom. Backflush Filter/Rückspülfilter M1XXAutom. Backflush Filter/Rückspülfilter M1XX

GEFA filters are one of the most technically innovative self-cleaning filters available, combining proven high performance, reliability and economy in a compact robust design. GEFA Series M1xx can be mounted in any position or orientation, with minimal space requirements.

The key feature to GEFA performance and reliability is the use of the escaping backflush water to rotate the internal cleaning mechanism inside the filter vessel. No external motor, mechanism or power is required, reducing the number of moving/wearing parts to a minimum. Automatic Operation of the self cleaning backflush cycle is achieved when a pre-set pressure drop (40 - 50 kPa) across the filter is reached. 100% cleaning as every spot on the fine screen surface is cleaned with a high velocity, aggressive backflush flow.

No External Power is required (when using the hydraulic controlled filter). All functions are powered by the line pressure only. All controls required come complete with the filter.


Main Features

  • Filter Housing: Carbon steel 37-2 (Epoxy coated)
  • Mesh Screen: Stainless steel AISI-316 on molded plastic support structure
  • Filtration degrees: 80, 100, 130, 200, 300, 500 micron
  • Working pressure: min. 2 bar / max. 10 bar
  • Pressure Level: PN 10
  • Max. Working Temperature: 55 °C
  • Nominal Size: DN 50 - DN 250 Female/Flange



  • Hydraulic, electro-pneumatic or electric-control
  • Non-ferrous Metal-free design
  • Silicone-free version



PDF-Dokumente Rückspülfilter Typ M1XX