AT200 F


Knife gate valve for instalation between flanges as per DIN EN 1092-1 and useable as end-valve, self adjusting COMPACT-Cross-seal towards the atmosphere, scraper to clean the knife gate positioned in front of it, hermetically sealed in both flow-directions, two-piece body, metallic and jitter-free guided knife plate with segment-formed radius, sharpened cutting edge on the lower body surface.
ATEX certified Ex II 1D
DN 200-DN 1000


Pressure testing:
DIN 3230, T3 - BA / BO 1 Inspection:
Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyds Veritas TÜV ATEX-Type examination acc. to 94/9/EG Device category Ex II 1D/3DG c or Ex II 1D/2DG cCategory 1D within the valve, Category 3D or 3G outside the valveorCategory 1D within the valve, Category 2D or 2G outside the valve

Product advantages

Absolutely maintenance free
the COMPACT-Cross sealing as double sealing ring profile secures the sealing of the knife gate towards outside and can be post-sealed - without operation interruption.The scraper set in front ensures the cleaning of the knife plate and protects the COMPACT- cross sealing in this way.
Ex II 1D/3DG c or Ex II 1D/2 DG c, Application of the valve in explosion danger areas is suitable for ZONE 20 within the valve and ZONE 22 / 2 or ZONE 21 / 1 outside the valve.
Explosion pressure resistant up to DN 600 up to 18 bar, resistance to ignition transmission up to 3,4 bar, DN 700 to DN 1000 explosion pressure resistant and ignition transmission resistant up to 6 bar, against organic dust of the dust protection category St1.
Also by activation through the product column (dust) through the design of the body and knife gate for special application.
Excellent sealing, secure closing
The knife closes securely on both sides
Optimal jitter free bearing
of the knife gate in both flow directions and gate positions, made possible through the lateral plate guidance
Variable drive selection
Handwheel, square, reduction gear, pneumatic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, electro actuators

Application range 

Applications & Industries

  • Dosing and weighing technic
  • Coal-fired power plant
  • Chemical plants
  • as shut-off and dosing gates beneath silos or in down-pipes
  • for organic dust, as well as corbon-dust, raw flower, cement-dust etc.

Technical Data

Knife gate valve for installation between flanges acc. to DIN EN 1092-1
Nominal width
DN 200 – DN 1000
DIN EN 1092-1, PN 10
Two-piece body
Two seperate halfs of the body
Front-body with regulating disc
Rear-body with disc-bed
Temperature range
-30 °C - +200 °C
depending on the seal material
EN 558 - 1 line 20
DIN 3202 - K1
Pressure impact strength
DN 200 – DN 600: till 18 bar
from DN 700: till 6 bar
resistance to ignition transmission
DN 200 – DN 500: till 3,4 bar
DN 600: till 4,5 bar
from DN 700: till 6 bar

DOMINO-Knife Gate valves Type AT 200 F


Material: Code:
GG 25/EKB-coated 22
GGG 40/EKB-coated 23
Material: Code:
Stainless steel 1.4301 63
Stainless steel 1.4571 66
Spindle/Piston rod:
Material: Code:
Stainless steel 1.4021 63
Stainless steel 1.4571 66
Material: Code:
Ceramic fibre K