Cyro Ball Valve PM Type PMT

Cryo-Kugelhahn PM Typ PMT

**Sales only in Germany**

PM series (PMT type)

Technical Data
Our cyro ball valve PM is a 1-piece, laser-welded cryogenic design in 1.4404. The cryogenic ball valves are specially designed for cryogenic media, such as liquid gases CO2, N2, Ar, O2 natural gas (LNG), in cryogenic process plants. With a spring-loaded seat ring system, the valve guarantees easy switching of the ball down to a temperature of -200°C. In addition, the ball valve has an integrated pressure relief system, a blow-out-proof switching shaft, virtually no dead space, and a pre-stressed stop-bushing seal in accordance with TA-Luft, which ensures the highest possible process reliability.

Sizes DN 10 - DN 150
Pressure ratings PN 10 - PN 40, ASME Class 150/300 lbs, vacuum-tight
Operating temperature - 200 °C to + 200 °C  
Face-to-face dimension (flanged version EN 10921) EN 558 series 1, EN 558 series 27, ANSI B16.10
Welding ends female thread EN 10226-1, male thread DIN ISO 228-1
Special features Cryo-insulation attachment for cryogenic media such as liquid gases (CO2,N2,LNG)
Mounting flange DIN EN ISO 5211
Test DIN EN 12266-1

Industries and applications
Air separation plants
Cryogenic oxygen- nitrogen- argon plants
Supply systems for storage and transport of cryogenic liquid gases