As a responsible company, we intend to constantly drive forward new solutions for sustainable development in order to continue to develop economically and successfully. We have set ourselves ambitious goals on the subject of sustainability, and work every day to further reduce our environmental footprint. This includes all business areas of our company along the entire value chain.

Through Indutrade, we are a member of the UN-Global Compact and the Indutrade Substainability-Network!

Energy and climate

  • Using renewable energies
  • Energy and resource efficiency in production, as well as in the office bulldings
  • Optimisation of transport and logistics
  • Reducing the carbon footprint (CO2 neutral until 2030)
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Social and societal progress

  • Employee development and retention
  • Human rights and diversity
  • Fair working conditions
  • Supplier relationships
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Materials and waste

  • Recycling
  • Renewable raw materials
  • Sustainable packing
  • Paperless work
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Health and safety

  • Occupational safety and health promotion
  • System safety
  • Product safety
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