Butterfly valve triple offset design HGT1

Dreifachexzentrische Hochleistungsklappe HGT1

Technical data
Triple offset valve as wafer type butterfly valve for high pressure and temperature loads. Wafer style for installation between flanges EN 1092, PN 10/16/25/40, PS 25, ASME Cl 150/300, PS25

Sizes DN 80 - DN 300
Temperature range - 50 °C to + 450 °C
Vacuum up to 1 mbar
FireSafe according to DIN EN ISO 10497 abd API 607
Face-to-face dimension DIN EN 558 line 20 Optional: line 25 and line 16 API 609 table 1
Mounting flange DIN EN ISO 5211
Test DIN EN 12266 P10 P11 P12 F20
Marking DIN EN 19, AD 2000
Certifications CE-Marking, TA Luft, ATEX, FireSafe, SIL

Available materials

Body 1.0619, 1.4408
Valve disc 1.4408, hardened
Shaft 1.4542
Seat ring
Laminated 1.4571/Graphite
Bearing bush
Package Graphite, Alternative: PTFE/LATTYflon (TA-Luft)

* If you have any other material requirements, please contact us!

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