Full bi-directional Zero-leakage shut-off
Temperature range: –50 °C to +450 °C
Metal-Metal, frictionless non-interference disc operation
Laminated seat/seal system integrated into valve body
Secured stem sealing (option: TA-Luft)



  • Production monitored by TÜV WO/TRD 100

  • TA-Luft - Stem sealing based on the new VDI 2440 directive

  • CE identification complies with the safety standards of the

    European pressure equipment directive PED 97/23/EC

  • GOST-R Certificate for the Russian Federation

  • Pressure test:

    DIN EN12266-1, P10/P11/P12-A

  • DIN 3230,T3 – BA/BO-1, DIN3230,T5,T6

  • Approvals:

    Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd´s Register of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas (DNV)

Product features

On the numbered markings you receive further information.

1. Automation

Automations-System GEFA-MULTITOP
  • Standardized mounting flange acc. to DIN 3337/ISO5211
  • Direct mounting of actuator, allowing correct alignment
  • Variable topworks arrangements, allowing for different actuator sizes to be mounted

2. TA-Luft certified safety

Adjustable stem sealing, located below the top flange, allowing adjustment without removing the actuator.

3. Long service life

The insert ring, mounted with its orientation against the direction of flow, actively protects the integrated laminated seat/seal from premature erosion and wear, providing longer service life and reduced costs and downtime.

4. Insert Ring

Pressure-sealed bolted design - located outside of the flange sealing surface according to TA-Luft.

5. Tripple offset design

Due to the design of the seat, triple offset valves are torque-seated. Therefore the actuator torque is constantly used to ensure contact pressure between the seating surfaces. This is necessary to provide zero leakage performance.

6. Multiple mounting standards

face-to-face dimension acc. to EN 558 T1, line 20 (25/16) DIN 3230 / K1 (K2/K3)

7. Bearing

  • Stem bearings absorb adverse loads and securely support the stem
  • Continuous secured stem guidance provides maximum support for the single-piece shaft constructed of high-tensile materials

8. Precise mounting

Simple and precise mounting using wafer body location holes for all face to face dimensions.

9. Axialsicherung

Axiallager der Welle und damit Ausrichtung der Klappenscheibe durch gehärteten Axial-Sicherungsring weit vom Produktbereich entfernt und abgeschirmt im unteren Fußflansch eingebaut

Technical data

High performance butterfly valve as welded valve with double shell for heating - without interruption of the heating jacket in the pipe

Wafer valve for installation between flanges

Nominal sizes:
DN 80 – DN 300

Pressure class
DIN EN 1092-1 PN 10 - PN 40,
ANSI Class 150/300

max. working pressure
25 bar

Max. working pressure is dependant on working temperature.
Control range:
20 - 60° opening angle

Flange surface:
Ra 3,2

The seat sytem

Laminated seat

The laminated stainless steel/graphite seat ensures bi-directional, zero leakage shut-off throughout the full temperature range of -50 °C to +450 °C.

  • Bi-directional zero-leakage shut-off
  • Metal-Metal, frictionless non-interference disc operation
  • Continuous smooth jam-free operation due to the offset angle of the sealing surface
  • Laminated seat/seal system, made of stainless steel/graphite
  • Seat/seal system integral to valve body - not on the disc
  • The insert ring, mounted against the direction of flow, actively protects the laminated seat/seal system against wear.
  • Additionally the laminated seat will not wear prematurely as it is common with laminated disc seal systems.
  • The flexible metal laminated seat/seal system is securely fastened by the insert ring positioned in front. The floating, self-centered design of the laminated seat/seal system ensures accurate mounting in the valve body.
  • When re-seating the disc, the laminated seat/seal system self-centres to the disc.
  • The elasticity of the laminated seat/seal system ensures uniform peripheral sealing with the disc.
  • Zero leakage acc. to DIN EN 12266-part 1, leakage rate A as well as low torques and continuous smooth operation.

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HGT ... 4466 MG

HGT ... 6666 MG


GS-C 25



1.4408, hardened

1.4408, hardened




* Seat

laminated 1.4571 / graphite

laminated 1.4571 / graphite


1.4571, nitrated

1.4571, nitrated

Packing 1




* Spare part/wearing part 1 alternative: PTFE / Lattyflon (TA-Luft) / graphite TA-Luft approved
Options regarding laminated seat/seal system



.. - MM


.. - MF


.. - CG


.. - CC


.. - CF