Soft Seated Butterfly Valve K07

Weichdichtende Klappen K07

Technical data
Double flanged butterfly valve for installation between flanges EN 1092, PN 6/10. One-piece body in double flange design, suitable for dead-end service. Continuous valve stem, internally connected with the valve disc by dowel pins. The connection is shielded from the medium. Changeable seat ring with additional steel support ring as firm rubbermetal connection in compliance with a solid elastomer thickness of approx. 15 – 17 mm.

Sizes DN 600 – DN 1000
Face-to-face dimension according to factory standards
Mounting flange DIN EN ISO 5211
Test DIN EN 12266 P10 P11 P12 leakage rate A
Certifications CE-Marking, TA Luft, FDA approval, food certification 1935/2004, ATEX

Industries and applikations
Water / Sewage
Food industry
Chemical and petrochemical industry
Colouring, Varnish, Dyeing factories


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