PTFE-lined wafer type butterfly valve, centric design, for installation between flanges DIN EN 1092-1, PN 10/16, ANSI 150 lbs
Two-piece body, self-centering, one-piece disc/stem.
DN 50 – DN 300

Automation system
Exchangeable flange for direct mounting of actuators


  • Production monitored by TÜV WO/TRD 100

  • TA-Luft – Stem sealing based on the new VDI 2440 directive

  • CE safety requirements of the European pressure equipment directive PED 97/23/EC are met

  • GOST-R Certificate for the Russian Federation

  • Pressure test:

    DIN EN12266-1, P10/P11/P12-A

    DIN 3230,T3 – BA/BO-1, DIN3230,T5,T6

  • Approvals:

    Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyds Veritas TÜV – GGVS

Product features

On the numbered markings you receive further information.

1. Automation

Automation system GEFA-MULTITOP
  • Standard flange acc. to DIN 3337
  • Direct actuator mounting without interruption of the stem
  • Variable and exchangeable for any actuator size
  • Actuator protection against leakage

2. Two-piece body

Standard length; highly service friendly, simple exchange of internal parts possible because of the two-piece body construction

3. Bearing

with O-ring

4. PTFE seat

in solid design (3mm), diffusion stable, lined on all sites, ensures permanent sealing at the stem gate, in the shut-off and to the flanges

5. Elastomer spring element

exactly fitted ring of silicone or EPDM behind the PTFE seat ensures flexible sealing of the shutt-off

6. PTFE-disc

solid (4mm) sintered PTFE coated stainless steel carrier PTFE-lined stem in the area of the primary seal

7. Primary seal

integrated in the seat, provides cavity-free and pressure stable sealing to the outside. Pressure is applied by the spring loaded thrust bearings.

8. Rational and safe

The cylindrical screws fix the mounting flange without transferring torques (driving torques)

9. Guarantee a free of play connection

The clamping sleeves transfer the driving torque and guarantee a play-free connection between mounting flange and body

Product advantages

Very maintenance friendly Easy exchange of wearing parts due to the two-piece body and therefore low maintenance costs
Excellent diffusion and corrosion resistance due to PTFE seat-ring in solid version according to DIN 3354, lined all the way round, thus guaranteeing permanent sealing at the stem output and in the bore
Very aggressive and corrosive media are safely shut-off and controlled
Valve design cavity-free makes simple sterile cleaning possible and choice of body material independent from the medium
Long service life seals tightly at full differential pressure even with very high switching cycles and varying temperatures
Excellent bubble-tightness Body lined completely with PTFE (at least 3 mm) with the seat-ring as a multi-functional sealing element, easily exchangeable, maintenance-free, with long service life
No frictional electricity (ATEX) due to the neutral characteristic of the PTFE/PFA materials touching the product
Absolutely maintenance-free seal system The spring-loaded pressure bearings, integrated in the seat-ring, ensure a pressure-stable sealing to the outside the bearing with O-ring prevents foreign substances from penetrating from the outside
Independent primary and secondary seal guarantees maximum tightness to the atmosphere according to TA-Luft requirements
Universal range of application thanks to the absolutely cavity-free structure and the physiologically neutral characteristic of the PTFE/PFA materials touching the product, which makes its use typical in the food and pharmeceutical industries
Economic and easy assembly of all actuator types The GEFA-MULTITOP automation system allows direct mounting of all actuators with the interface according to DIN 3337

Application range

Industries and applications

  • Water / Sewage

  • Engineering

  • Food industry

  • Chemical and petrochemical industry

  • Colouring, Varnish, Dyeing factories

Technical data

Nominal sizes:
DN 50 – DN 300

PTFE lined wafer type butterfly valve for installation between flanges DIN EN 1092-1, PN 10/16, ANSI 150 lbs

Two-piece body
self-centering, one-piece disc/stem

Temperature range:
-30°C to +200°C
depending on the seat material

Control range:
10° - 90° opening angle
15° - 70° linear characteristic

at full differential pressure up to 10 bar depending on the working temperature

Face-to-face dimension:
EN 558-1 line 20
DIN 3202-K1

Top flange:
DIN 3337 - ISO 5211
GEFA-MULTITOP Automation system





Stainless steel 1.4301/1.4308


Stainless steel 1.4571/1.4408


Grey cast iron GG 25


Grey cast iron, Gotekplast-coated


Ductile iron GGG 40.3


Cast steel GS-C25






Alloy C


Alloy C 22


Stainless steel 1.4581/1.4408


Stainless steel, polished







Seat ring:





PTFE / carbon