Knife gate valve AT300

Flachschieber Domino AT300

Technical data
High pressure knife gate valve up to 40 bar operating pressure, e.g. for dewatered sewage sludges or  biomass. Lug type knife gate valve for  installation between flanges acc. to  EN 1092-1 / PN 10-PN 40. Also suitable for dead-end service. Two-piece body, bidirectional tight shutoff. Metal guided plate, locked when closed. Self-adjusting COMPACT cross seal, no necessity for gland packing – maintenance-free. Self-cleaning flush-out corners with  cutting edge in the lower body area.

Sizes DN 100 - DN 300
Face-to-face dimension according to DIN EN 558 line 16 (DIN 3202 K3)
Body GGG40, EN GJS-400-15
Coating EKB, both inside and outside
Colour RAL 5010
Plate Stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4571, 1.4462, etc.
Sealings NBR (EPDM, FPM, MVQ)
Certifications CE-Marking, FDA approval, ATEX

Applications and Industries
Sludge drying
Sludge transport
Digested sludge
Thick sludge
Thick materials
Organical fermentation plants
Sewage plants
Biogas plants

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Sewage sludge brochure AT750/300 (2.46 MB)

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