Knife gate valve for installation between flanges acc. EN 1092-1, with self cleaning plate guidance and flash-out-corners, self adjusting COMPACT-Cross-seal towards the atmosphere, hermetically sealed in both flow-directions, two-piece body, metallic and jitter-free guided knife plate, cutting edge on the lower body surface.

DN 50-DN 200


  • Pressure testing:

DIN 3230, T3 - BA / BO 1, DIN 3230, T3

  • Inspection:

Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyds Veritas

Product advantages

Absolutely maintenance free
the COMPACT-Cross sealing as double sealing ring profile secures the sealing of the knife gate towards outside and can be post-sealed - without operation interruption.

Self-cleaning effect
is obtained through the flash-out-corners of the body and the cutting edge of the slide plate and provides free rinsing of the sealing areas before the valve closes.

Excellent sealing
the knife gate closes pressure-tight in both flow directions, the seat sealing is chambered and built-in, slightly pre-tensioned. The metallic and jitter-free guided knife gate is resistant against pressure impacts through lock closing condition

Universally operational
the DOMINO-knife gate is suitable to regulate highly liquid, thick fluid and gasesous media, as well as all transportable solid materials.

No product residue
the cutting edge on the lower body surface largely prevents jamming of material rests on the sealing area.

guaranteed through the high finish of the lateral running and seal surface. Easily moveable even after long standstill intervals.

Optimal jitter-free bearing
of the knife gate in both flow directions and restrictor positions, made possible through the lateral plate guidance

Variable drive selection
Hand wheel, square, reduction gearbox, pneumatic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, electro actuators

Application range

Applications & Industries

  • Bio-gas plant (organic fermentation)
  • Sewage plants
  • Waste water treatment plant
  • Ship construction
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Coal mining, Brown coal strip mining
  • Chemical plants
  • Pumping stations, Storage basin
  • Coal-fired power plant
  • Sugar industry
  • Food industry
  • Bitumen manufacturing and subsequent processing
  • Steel manufacturing industry
  • Silo-Trucks
  • Breweries

Technical data

Knife gate valve for installation between flanges DIN EN 1092-1

Nominal width
DN 50 – DN 200

DN 50 - DN 150: PN 10/16
DN 200: PN 10

Two-piece body
Two asymmetrical halfs of the body with integrated cutting Knife

Temperature range
-30 °C - +200 °C
depending on the seal material

EN 558 - 1 line 20
DIN 3202 - K1

Max. operating pressure:
DN 50 – 150: 10 bar
DN 200: 6 bar  


Material: Code:
GG 25/EKB-coated 22
Option: GGG 40/EKB-coated 23
Material: Code:
Stainless steel 1.4301 63
Stainless steel 1.4571 66
Spindle/Piston rod:
Material: Code:
Stainless steel 1.4021 63
Stainless steel 1.4571 66
Material: Code:
Ceramic fibre K