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Throttle and regulating valve KGT

Drossel- und Regelklappe KGT

Technical data
Wafer type butterfly valve for installation between flanges EN 1092, PN 10, one-piece body with centring lugs, end-to-end valve stem, flat disc design with excellent flow characteristics.

The setting range 0 ° – 70 ° is used for normal operation. In the area of 20 ° – 60 °, the valve has an almost linear flow characteristic curve (See Link: PRODUCT INFORMATION).

Sizes DN 80 - DN 250
max. tamperature + 180 °C
max. differential pressure 8 bar
Face-to-face dimension DIN EN 558 line 20
Mounting flange DIN EN ISO 5211
Leakage rate in position CLOSED 1 - 2 %
Certifications CE-Marking

Industries and applications
Throttle and control function with almost linear flow characteristic.
Media like gases and clean liquids are securely handled.


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