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Soft Seated Butterfly Valve KG4

Weichdichtende Absperrklappe KG4

Technical data
Lug type butterfly valve for installation between flanges EN 1092, PN 10/16, ASME class 150. One-piece body, selfcentring, two-piece disc and stem connection, bubble-tight up to 10 bar, vacuum-tight. The pipeline can be removed from the flange on one side.

Sizes DN 50 – DN 500
Face-to-face dimension DIN EN 558 line 20 API 609 table 1
Mounting flange DIN EN ISO 5211
Test DIN EN 12266 P10 P11 P12 leakage rate A
Certifications CE-Marking, TA Luft, FDA approval, food certification 1935/2004, ATEX

Industries and applications
Sewage plants
Waste water treatment plants
Pulp and paper industry
Coal mining, Brown coal strip mining
Chemical plants
Pumping stations, Storage basin
Coal-fired power plants
Sugar industry
Food industry
Bitumen manufacturing and subsequent processing


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