Heat Exchanger Sludge/Water

Lackeby Heat Exchanger/WärmetauscherLackeby Heat Exchanger/Wärmetauscher

Heat exchanger sludge/water from Lackeby Products combine innovative thinking and 40 years’ experience in this sector. This unit has been developed to meet special requirements for the heating or cooling of sludge. The unique patented design provides a compact heat exchanger with minimal maintenance needs.


Technical features

  • Unique design specifically for sludge
  • Patented turning chamber
  • Compact unit that is easy to install
  • Simple inspection and maintenance
  • High heat transfer
  • Large throughput area



The heat exchanger is designed and dimensioned for counter current flow. The incoming water flow connection shall be opposite to the sludge inlet. If both inlet flows are connected to the upper connections the heat exchanger will achieve less heat transfer capacity.

Care should be taken to relieve any stresses that could be transported to the heat exchanger from the piping connected to the heat exchanger.


More information: www.lackeby.com

PDF-Dokumente Wärmetauscher Schlamm/Wasser

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