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Abwasserfiltration/Waste water filtrationAbwasserfiltration/Waste water filtration
In various cases the wastewater quality may be sufficient for direct discharge into the receiving water, but visible solids cloud the water.
Fine filtration with the backwash filters type M1XX and type FW or the screen drum type RS in the pumping station can remove all visible solids and up to 50% of all settleable solids.


  • Improvement of the discharge values: Reduction of the AFS content (thus of the CSB and BSB values) in the discharge to the receiving water or before delivery to a municipal sewage treatment plant
  • Closing the internal water circuits
  • Recycling of waste water into the production cycle
  • Reduction of waste water costs
  • Reduction of fresh water consumption
  • Reduction of fresh water costs


Application situation



Advantages of the GEFA filter:

  • Fully automatic function
  • compact and space-saving design
  • easy installation
  • Filtration range 10 - 3000 µm by simple exchange of the sieve elements
  • efficient filtration with fabric screens
  • patented suction-pressure cleaning system
  • Avoidance of residual dirt and back-side blocking of the screen fabric through patented vortex effect nozzles
  • low pressure difference across the sieve, thus no pressing of filter cake
  • very low rinsing quantity
  • large filter surfaces
  • low investment costs
  • fully automatic regeneration, even after flooding
  • low pump load



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FW-Rückspülfilter Produktinformation M100-Rückspülfilter Produktinformation RS-Siebtrommel Produktinformation
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