Filter combination for crate washing

Kastenwäsche/KEG washingKastenwäsche/KEG washing
The GEFA filter unit for the filtration of washing liquor from crate or keg washing consists of two components:
  • the ACF coarse filter for pre-filtration of coarse contamination such as labels, glass, etc.
  • and the fine filter Filtomat for filtration down to 30 µm

 Both components can be controlled electro-pneumatically over time, differential pressure or both parameters simultaneously.



  • Extending the service life of the scrubber
  • Improvement of the lye quality
  • Reduction of solids in the bypass
  • Reduction of lye consumption
  • Reduction of the maintenance effort


Advantages of the GEFA fine filter:

  • Fully automatic function
  • compact and space-saving design
  • easy installation
  • Filtration range 10 - 3000 µm by simple exchange of the sieve elements
  • efficient filtration with fabric screens
  • patented suction-pressure cleaning system
  • Avoidance of residual dirt and back-side blocking of the screen fabric through patented vortex effect nozzles
  • low pressure difference across the sieve, thus no pressing of filter cake
  • very low rinsing quantity
  • large filter surfaces
  • low investment costs
  • fully automatic regeneration, even after flooding
  • low pump load


Advantages of the GEFA coarse filter:

  • Easy to automate
  • No removal of the screen insert necessary
  • Compact design
  • Stainless steel version
  • Maintenance arm
  • Max. Operating pressure for all models: 10 bar
  • Max. Operating temperature for all models: 100 °C
  • Available gauges: 0.25 - 5 mm for all types


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ACF-Coarsefilter Type FW-Finefilter
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