Differential Pressure Indicator type 5.02

Differenzdruckanzeiger/Differential Pressure IndicatorDifferenzdruckanzeiger/Differential Pressure Indicator


An increasing pressure difference moves a piston against the effect of a calibrated measuring spring. The position of the piston is transferred to the display and switching unit without contact and friction. The contamination of filters and thus the differential pressure will increase exponentially. So, at 80% of maximum contamination the filter may have reached already 95% of its maximum lifetime. This is compensated by a special design of the indicator system.



A piston, hermetically sealed, moves against the effect of a calibrated measuring spring. The piston´s position is transmitted magnetically, which means without friction, to an indicating display and in addition to Reed-contacts for electrical signals.

In the range of 10…100% Δp, monitored by 0… 110° display-angle, the red part of the display becomes visible. In the standard version at 75% Δp (mark in the display) usually the first (f1), at 100% Δp the second (f2) Reed-contact is switched. The switching points are engraved into the display.


Measuring ranges:

  • between 10 to several 100 mbar for air filters or charge air coolers
  • between 0.3 to 0.7 bar for suction filters
  • up to 2 bar for normal pressure filtration
  • up to 5 bar for normal high-pressure filtration
  • up to 16 bar and more for special applications