Tension-loaded bursting disc type SFAZ

 Zugbelastete Berstscheibe Typ SFAZ


The SFAZ rupture disc from ZOOK is an all-metal, tension-loaded rupture disc for demanding applications. The bursting disc is not notched until after the cambering process, resulting in a load capacity of up to 90% of the minimum bursting pressure, which is outstanding for conventional bursting discs. It opens fragment-free along the cross-shaped pre-notch when the response pressure is reached.

  • Nominal sizes from DN 25 to DN 300 (12")
  • Bursting tolerance ±5%, ±7.5%, ±10% (below 2.7bar-ü: ±0.14bar)
  • Maximum working pressure up to 90% of min. burst pressure (at ±5% burst tolerance)
  • Excellent for use on gases and liquids
  • vacuum resistant depending on bursting pressure/nominal size/material maximum temperature 540°C
  • non-fragmenting
  • "Fail-Safe" ... a damaged or side-inverted SFAZ will open at or below the specified pressure