Tension-loaded bursting disc type (F)D

Zugbelastete Berstscheibe Typ (F)D


This bursting disc from ZOOK is a composite conventional rupture disc. It consists of a slotted metallic top disc and a sealing membrane made of fluoropolymer or metal. The top disc determines the burst pressure, the sealing diaphragm isolates the top disc from the medium and prevents leakage.

The Bursting Disc can be equipped with accessories such as vacuum supports, reinforcing rings and protective foils to suit the particular application. It is optionally available with a 30° angle seat or with a flat seat.

  • Nominal sizes from ¼" to DN 600 (24")
  • Bursting disc material stainless steel (316SS), nickel 200/201, Inconel®-600, Monel®-400 and Hastelloy C-276® available
  • Maximum working pressure 80% of min. burst pressure
  • Bursting tolerance depending on bursting pressure. ±5%
  • for pressures above 2.7bar-ü
  • Suitable for liquids and gases
  • Maximum temperature 260°C with plastic sealing film, maximum 540°C with metal sealing film
  • Reduced fragmentation probability