RAUS sanitary rupture disc - precision reverse acting rupture disc for the pharmaceutical industry.


The RAUS reverse acting rupture disc from ZOOK is a high performance rupture disc for low to medium burst pressures. The RAUS can used in a TRI-Clamp connection or in various block flanges (e.g. NA-Connect) depending on the specification. An additional rupture disc holder is not required.

Zook sanitary rupture discs have integrated TRI-Clamp seals made of FDA approved elastomers. Maximum operating temperature is 204°C with PTFE seals (204°C with Viton and 110°C with EPDM). The washer installs easily into existing clamp connections. To indicate electronically the bursting of a sanitary bursting disc, the disc can be equipped with an integrated bursting signal transmitter.

  • Nominal sizes from DN25 (1") to 100(4")
  • Working ratio 95%
  • Bursting tolerance ±5%, optionally ±10%
  • FDA compliant elastomer seals
  • Burst pressures from 1,2bar-ü to 20bar-ü
  • Max. Operating temperature of 204°C
  • Special materials available

 sanitary rupture discsanitary rupture disc


Sanitary bursting disc